Retirement is one of the most important stages in anyone’s life.

After years of working hard and saving money into a pension it’s now time to secure your retirement income.

Buying a pension annuity converts the money you have saved in your pension into a regular income which will be paid for the rest of your life – or longer dependent on your annuity choices.

Don’t make a very expensive mistake. 

It’s very easy to simply sign your forms and accept the annuity offered from your current pension provider…but that could literally cost you thousands of pounds!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to exercise your ‘Open Market Option‘. This allows you to search the market and get quotes from other annuity providers.

If you’re worried that it’s complicated and time-consuming Key can do all the hard work for you.

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Annuities at a glance

  • You can buy a conventional annuity from the age of 55
  • Rates vary by annuity provider and on other factors such as the size of your pension fund, age, health, lifestyle choices and even postcode
  • By answering a number of questions about your health and lifestyle you may qualify for an even higher income with an enhanced annuity. Over half of our customers qualify! (Jul-Sept 2014)
  • You can boost your income by shopping around to see what rates are available
  • It’s important to consider all choices, not just the highest rates, to ensure your annuity suits your circumstances

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very friendly and on the money.

this company was spot on.I could not find a better deal!!thanks Kim Wilson

Richard Andrews - 6 hours ago

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A good professional job done by Key Retirement

I filled in the forms and was taken through the process step by step by Saima Kakuji who explained everything at each stage of the...

Bainbridge - 7 hours ago

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Top notch customer service.

I would like to thank Key Retirement (and one Key Retirement employee in particular!) for guiding me through the whole annuity 'process'. I refer to...

Allan Roberts - 7 hours ago

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