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Annuities: More than just an income for life

Posted: Sunday, 23 July 2017

Annuities give you a guaranteed income for life - and knowing how much money is coming in each month can be great for your peace of mind.Of course, this won't stop you worrying about what will happen to your family after you are gone. Luckily, options such as the joint-life annuity can help you make sure that they remain protected. 

​#FeelGoodFriday: A retirement to look forward to

Posted: Friday, 21 July 2017

We caught up with Ms Hamblin, from Somerset, to find out about her journey with Key. Ms Hamblin first decided to look into equity release as a means of improving her financial situation.

Mythbuster: Key Retirement control rates and eligibility

Posted: Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The myth: At Key, we decide which customers are eligible and set rates for equity release plans.
Key says: This is one of the most common misconceptions we hear, but the truth is that Key is an equity release broker, not a provider.

Paying for stay-at-home care: what are your options?

Posted: Sunday, 09 July 2017

As we get older, it’s common to need some form of care – whether that means support in our own homes or moving into a specialist environment. Staying in the home that you love is often the preferable option, but it can also be an expensive choice, especially if the home needs modifications in order to make it accessible, or you need a live-in carer to provide support around the clock.

Britain’s "sandwich generation"

Posted: Wednesday, 05 July 2017

Recent research from Helping Hands shows that around 2.4 million adults in the UK are now part of four generation families. This means that the people caught in the middle - referred to as Britain's 'sandwich generation' - are caught between the needs of young children or grandchildren on the one hand and elderly parents on the other. 

A day in the life of the Key Contact Centre

Posted: Tuesday, 04 July 2017

When you first get in touch with Key Retirement, your first point of contact will usually be the Contact Centre: this busy team are responsible for taking care of you at the earliest stages of your journey with Key. To find out more about what goes on behind the scenes, we asked Jack Seville-Robbins to run us through a typical day… thanks, Jack!

#MoneyMatters - 2017 election results and your finances

Posted: Sunday, 02 July 2017

Immediately after last month’s election there was a lot of speculation about how things might change – but also a lot of speculation and uncertainty. Now that the dust has settled, we have a clearer idea of what the country will look like for the coming few years. This means that it’s easier to get an idea of how the result might affect your finances.

How to recognise depression in aging loved ones

Posted: Saturday, 01 July 2017

This year, Key Retirement is supporting Mind, for better mental health. If you would like to contribute, follow this link – and remember, this is not medical advice, so if you’re concerned about yourself or somebody else then seek support from a specialist. You can find the details of Mind’s helplines here

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