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John Carr

Age 67 – Occupation Retired – Product choice Equity release

"The real beauty is we can still afford the travel and upkeep of running two homes."

Mr and Mrs Carr (age 66 and 67) couldn't decide whether to stay living in the UK or move to France. Thanks to equity release they now have a home in both countries. 

equity release has given us the flexibility to buy our dream home, in an idyllic location on the west coast of France near Bordeaux, and keep our home in the UK," explains Mr Carr.

"We didn't want to move abroad permanently as we have our family living close by in Leeds. The thought of a permanent move felt like too much of an emotional wrench.

"The real beauty is we can still afford the travel and the upkeep of running two homes. We stay in France from April to June, go back at the end of August and return to the UK in October. It's a really lovely and relaxed part of the world. We have a fabulous social life and because it's a longer summer over there, we even save on our heating bills.

"Once we'd made our decision, we were very keen to get the money released as quickly as possible so that we could buy our second home and stay there for the last few weeks of the season. Everything happened really quickly, the transaction went through smoothly and much faster than we thought it would, which was a real bonus.

"The people we dealt with at Key were always very approachable and willing to answer any questions we had. There was absolutely no pressure on us when it came to making decisions and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Key to anyone." 


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· Equity release plans allow you to unlock cash from your home. A lifetime mortgage is secured against your home
· Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and may affect your entitlement to means-tested benefits
· If you are considering equity release we recommend that you read 
is it right for you? carefully


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