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Equity release plans

The equity release market is constantly changing. The introduction of innovative new plans means equity release can be an attractive option for a wide range of people. By asking questions about what’s important to you our advisers can find a plan that’s right for you.

At Key we advise on the following equity release plans

  • Lifetime mortgage – a loan secured against your home typically at a fixed interest rate. Options include drawdown lifetime mortgage, which allows you to access your money in smaller quantities, enhanced plans, protected plans, combined plans and interest payment plans.
  • Home reversion – where a cash lump sum is paid in exchange for all or part of your property.

The most suitable plan for you will depend on a number of considerations, including

  • How much cash you need
  • The value of your property
  • Whether you want all the cash straight away
  • The age of you and your partner
  • How much, if any, you want to guarantee as an inheritance
  • Your health and lifestyle choices


Plan features and offers

There are now plans available that enable you to

  • Guarantee an inheritance
  • Pay interest


Comparing equity release plans

The table below compares the features of both lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans.

Feature Lifetime mortgage Home reversion
Receive a tax-free cash lump sum Yes Yes
Drawdown the cash in smaller amounts as and when you need it Yes Yes
You own your home Yes -
You sell a share of your home - Yes
No monthly repayments to make Yes Yes
Option to make monthly interest payments Yes -
"No negative equity" guarantee Yes Yes
Stay in your home for life Yes Yes
Move and take the plan with you (subject to provider criteria) Yes Yes
Interest accrues on the loan Yes -
The value of your estate is reduced Yes Yes
Entitlement to state benefits may be affected Yes Yes
Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Yes Yes
Specialist independent advice should be sought Yes Yes
Advised on by Key Retirement Yes Yes
Protect a percentage of your property/guarantee an inheritance Yes Yes
Plan is repaid upon death or long-term care Yes Yes


Do you have an existing equity release plan? Key could help you to find a lower interest rate.


Get all the facts

Request a free guide today to learn about the different types of equity release plans. You will be able to download a guide straight away, plus we'll post one out for you to browse at your leisure.

If you are considering equity release we recommend that you read is it right for you? carefully. 

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