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Upgrade your holiday potential

From cheap holidays in the UK to last minute holiday deals abroad, it’s nice to know you have the money available to treat yourself to a trip. 

All inclusive holiday
Don’t discount holidays to your dream destinations

Retirement presents an ideal opportunity to travel at your leisure… just so long as you have the means to finance your getaways.

While everyone loves a good deal, that advert for “cheap all-inclusive holidays” might not be as affordable as you initially thought.  That’s why you may be interested to learn how equity release could amplify your travel potential in retirement. 

This year alone, 29% of Key customers have used some of their money to go on holiday*. See how much cash you could release today.

Calculate your cash potential

Could equity release be your travel aid? 

  • From flights, hotels, to holiday must-haves, the cash is yours to spend as you wish
  • You can take the money as a tax-free lump sum or in smaller withdrawals
  • Peace of mind that you can guarantee your children an inheritance
  • Certain health and lifestyle conditions could entitle you to more cash
  • Remember - We recommend discussing equity release with your children because it will reduce the value of your estate and any inheritance you wish to pass on. It could also affect your entitlement to means-tested benefits.
Different features and offers can be accessed through a choice of plans. A lifetime mortgage for example, is a loan that’s secured against your home, like a traditional mortgage.

In our customer case study, Mrs Permin describes how her two daughters were more than happy with her decision to take out equity release and spend her retirement travelling.

Customer story – Mrs Permin

“We wanted to do something special and used the money to go to Mexico which was great!”

What made you look into equity release?

“I had retired and my husband was about to retire. We were ok financially day to day but felt there were things we wanted to do.
“I was 70 last Christmas which is a lousy time of the year as everyone is celebrating the holidays! We wanted to do something special and used the money to go to Mexico which was great!"

Did you have any reservations?

“We were very happy to go ahead with it. We had researched it very well and couldn’t see any pitfall and were certain that we could stay in our home. An adviser came to see us and he explained it very well.
“I have got two grown up daughters and I discussed it with them. They were happy for us to go ahead with it and we arranged things to ensure we could guarantee them an inheritance.
“I’ve recommended Key Retirement to a friend, which I would not have done had I not been so pleased with the experience.
“We’re actually going away again soon to the USA. We’ll be visiting places like New York, Washington, Route 66, LA and San Francisco. I’m really excited!  We wouldn’t have been able to do these things without equity release.” 

Get all the facts

Request a free guide today to learn about how equity release could help you to achieve your holiday dreams. You will be able to download a guide straight away, plus we'll post one out for you to browse at your leisure.

*UK Equity Release Market Monitor 2016

If you are considering equity release we recommend that you read is it right for you? carefully. 

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