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Buying a pension annuity converts your pension savings into a regular income, usually for the rest of your life.

If you have a private pension or ‘money purchase’ company pension you’ll be able to take some of the cash you’ve accumulated as a tax-free lump sum, typically up to 25%. All or part of the rest can then be used to buy your annuity.


Annuities at a glance

  • You can buy a conventional annuity from the age of 55
  • Once you have bought an annuity it is not possible to change your mind
  • It’s important to consider all choices, not just the highest rates, to ensure your annuity suits your circumstances
  • Any income generated is added to any other income and is taxed accordingly
  • Rates vary by annuity provider and income from an annuity can vary according to
    • The size of your pension fund. Some providers offer better rates for people who can invest large amounts
    • ​Your age. The older you are the more income you will get each year
    • ​Your health and lifestyle choices. You may qualify for an enhanced annuity
    • Where you live. Providers may use figures on mortality rates linked to your postcode area to determine your annuity income
    • The income features you choose when you buy your annuity
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Remember - It's worth shopping around as your income will vary between annuity providers.

Challenge us today and we'll search the whole of the market for you!



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Boost your income by up to 43%^


It's very easy to simply sign your forms and accept the annuity offered from your current pension provider... but that could literally cost you thousands of pounds!

Don't make a very expensive mistake by missing your opportunity to exercise your 'open market option'. This allows you to shop around and get quotes from other annuity providers. 

You could boost your income by up to 43% by shopping around to see what rates are available^

If you're worried that it's complicated and time-consuming Key can do all the hard work for you. You'll get quotes from the whole annuity market so you can be confident you have all the facts before committing to anything.

Diagram of potential increase in annuity by shopping around

^Based on Key's average customer 2016 - Male, single, aged 64, fund value £59,660.91. It depends on your individual circumstances if you are able to achieve these increases above.

How much income could you get with an annuity?

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