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The Great Debate: How much should we spend on Christmas?

With festive TV adverts becoming a big part of our modern experience of Christmas (some people say they don’t feel festive until they’ve seen their favourite brand’s ad), there’s no doubt that everybody is encouraged to spend on a large number of seasonal purchases.

Besides the presents there’s the festive feast, the tree decorations and all the Christmassy events to consider. No wonder that for a lot of people it all becomes rather too much! The question of how much to spend on Christmas is a hot topic, and can be a difficult subject to navigate with friends and family.

Deciding your budget 

While treating the people you care about to thoughtful gifts feels great, Christmas spending can also become a problem if you start to run up debts that will be eating away at your income well into the New Year. Considering the fact that many of us will choose the New Year as a time to ‘start afresh’ on things like healthy living and sensible spending, going overboard at Christmas isn’t necessarily going to help you get started!

Perhaps the real question to ask yourself isn’t how much you should spend, but how much you can afford to spend. There may be no harm in splurging if you have the spare disposable income, but when purse strings are tight it’s important not to go over the budget that you set for yourself.

  • Remember, gifts aren’t a necessity – focus on paying your bills and keeping your family fed before seeing what’s left over to spend on others!

  • Don’t fall into the trap of trying to outdo yourself every year. If you’re able to afford slightly fancier gifts one year, that shouldn’t mean that you can’t have a more modest celebration when the next Christmas comes around.

  • Heartfelt gifts aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones; spending quality time with somebody or sharing an experience with them will be worth more than spending money on something they didn’t really need.

Ultimately, though, we’re interested in hearing your opinions on Christmas spending: how much do you think families should aim to spend this holiday period? Join us on Facebook, where we’re inviting all our readers to join in and share their opinions on this great debate. 

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