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Knowing you've got retirement sorted

How long does your pension need to last?

First the good news: we’re living longer than we think. As many as half of us underestimate the life expectancy we’ll have after retirement. *

The bad news? Our pension savings will need to last longer too.

This is just one of the reasons why retirees can find themselves with worrying levels of debt.  Spending too much in those early years, especially on luxuries rather than essentials, can mean struggling later on.

That’s why the Office for National Statistics has produced this simple calculator. You can use it to produce a rough estimate of your life expectancy. The calculations have been based on national averages, meaning these figures are, as we say, a very rough estimate. But it’s useful nonetheless, even to provide something of a reality check.  

If your life expectancy is higher than you expected, we recommend thinking about how to make your pension last longer. That might mean better budgeting or looking for additional sources of cash - you'll find more ideas in our free guide to Managing Debt in Retirement. Get yours here.


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Knowing you've got retirement sorted.

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